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En France cordiale

Champlong, Haute Loire

Oh well the taxi didn’t make it to France after all the work and hassle of getting the engine rejuvenated. It was all a bit of a rush to get it back to Brighton and then to take it off on a 1000 mile trip without running through any teething problems would have been a risky undertaking, possibly similar to running a marathon post major heart surgery. On the plus side I’ve saved myself a substantial few quid on diesel and my battered Citroen is a good deal quicker though lacks somewhat in the character stakes. Our French house is as comfortable and shambolic as ever and the time slips away very quickly here, no sooner than you’ve had breakfast it seems to be time for lunch then no sooner again the evening beer seems to be in my hand. I finished the Zadie Smith novel which has been by my bedside for far to long and ripped straight into Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love which is so beautifully written that every sentence leaves you wondering… genius. Besides the usual work on building projects around the house (one of which has left me with a nice cut across the face and an associated black eye) I have had a bit of time to reflect on my photography and what next to pursue, but that I’ll leave for another post. Time for lunch.

The Taxi and the Tour de France

I took my beloved Fairway Taxi to London yesterday for a complete engine makeover, I figure after 350,000 miles it’s earned a bit of love and care and it may also give it a bit more oomph up the mountains of France during the forthcoming summer holidays. Ironically enough East London was at standstill due to the arrival of the Tour de France entourage which added a good two hours to my journey. The cab duly delivered I headed back to Trafalgar Square and did some snaps of the razzmatazz, and quite an adrenalin filled spectacle it is. The one’s I got most excited by were the French gendarmes (one was picking his nose) intermingling with English bobbies, If they’re any good I’ll put them up in a week or so, such is the my lack of immediacy in this immediate world.