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Sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll (the workshop party)



Organising and preparing for the workshop party has taken over much of this past week which seems an inordinate amount of time for a knees up  which only lasts five or six hours, and to me becomes a  beery blur by 10 o clock. The man hours spent preparing invites, music , lights , sound system, props, beer, food, removing the dangerous bits of machinery, sweeping away this years accumulation of dust and wood shavings, is not far short of organising a mini festival, but the adage of ‘what you put in is what you get out’ holds true and I for one extract a years worth of good vibe. The workshop ‘do’ has become a firm fixture in the annual social calendar and queries about the date and the theme for it start to emerge around the beginning of the September, and each year it becomes a more elaborate and a more crowded event. The photograph above was taken at  Glastonbury  back in 1988 at a time when you could just about  buy a ticket on the day,  it had not yet evolved into the huge and hyped monster we see now,but even back then in the 80’s to many veterans of the 70’s the festival had already relinquished it’s  early ideals and sold out to commercial gain and the pursuit of bigger and better. Needless to say we in the workshop are not yet victims of our own success and shall not be expecting a crowd of 150,000 to rock up, This years theme is mockney London, anyway you are all invited.

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