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Till death do us part

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No doubt there are some of us who can remember the TV series ‘Till death us do part’. Alf Garnett was a wonderful send up of the traditional values of working class England and it’s love/ hate relationship with perceived wishy washy leftist libertarianism. The difference from then is the new present day Alfs are now called Jeremy and Nigel and have their roots in  a privileged and wealthy elite, apart from that little has altered since the seventies. Here’s some dialogue from one of the episodes

Alf Garnett: Well, I mean, see if we go into Europe…

Else Garnett: I thought we was in Europe. I mean, I thought we always have been.

Alf Garnett: I know that, yer silly moo. I’m not talking about that aspect am I? I’m talking about the Common Market aspect of the going into Europe.

Alf Garnett: Old Enoch’s against it, in’t ‘e, eh? He don’t want no more bloody foreigners over here. We got enough bloody foreigners here as it is. Bloody country’s swarming with Eities and Krauts and Froggies and Spagnollies and Brussel Sprouts. All coming over here and taking our jobs off of us, aren’t they?

Else Garnett: Well, we can go over there and take the jobs off of them.

Alf Garnett: I don’t want to go over there, do I?

Else Garnett: Wish you would.


….and that was 45 years ago, a lot of water under the bridge but then not much in the way of change.

The photographs were taken in Thailand about 26 years ago…. not long before I met my wife… nuff said.