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The angel that fell to earth

Fallen Angel227

Yesterday our workshop tea break conversation ambled around to the subject of whether there are those who arrive in this world with a predisposition to be evil…. yes you’ve guessed it,the good old ‘nature or nurture’ debate… we all have it at some time or other. Is it the question of the seed being the problem or the earth in which it grows , John nudged towards  the nurture side, I nose dived for nature, whereas the reality it is a bit of both. The converse and less discussed side of that debate is whether there a those who are hot wired to be altruistic and do good in the world, but as in the newspapers it is only the bad news that makes the headlines. The individuals that I find incomprehensible are those who do evil under the guise that by doing so they themselves will reach a ‘higher place’ (call it what you will, heaven or paradise,) and that their own misdeeds will somehow benefit the world, the “we have to destroy them to save them” rationale the Americans used in the Vietnam and fanatical Islamists use today across the mainly Muslim world. Oh dear I’m beginning to sound like a sub standard Radio 4 ‘Thought for the day’ Vicar’ I’ll leave it there and go and make myself a cup of tea.

Happy Christmas everybody, even all you wonderful spammers out there.

The photograph was taken  in Brighton two years ago, I’m not sure if it’s an angel or a fairy, you can make your own mind up, but anyway you probably have one on top of your Christmas tree , I hope it doesn’t fall like this one did.