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The photographer as a fisherman


Brighton fish690

Well it’s good to be back to be back home, as much as I have enjoyed leading the good life in France for a couple of weeks, it satisfies my stomach but not my mind and I yearn to return to the buzz of city life. On Sunday I made my annual pilgrimage to Notting Hill for the carnival which was busier and louder than ever but was rather disappointed with my photographic efforts.  I met up with Leonard Neuemann  from whom I bought my Leica CL a year or so ago and we spent a  pleasant couple of hours discussing the state of  photography and  wandering about snapping. He’s a very well informed interesting man and a good photographer , no doubt we’ll meet up again, he also kindly bought me lunch for which I shall return the favour with a print.

The analogy of fishing to photography grows stronger the more I consider it. The hours spent walking ,waiting, following, just to press the shutter release at that exact fraction of a second when everything moves into an aesthetic form within the four walls of the viewfinder is the same as the same as the fisherman watching his float from the river bank  and  waiting to strike.  Blink and you’ve missed it. Even when conditions are seemingly all in his favour the fisherman  as well as the photographer can come home empty handed, which is how I felt after developing my films from the carnival, having said that there were one or two images that might be useful for later projects.

I’ve got the next four weeks to get the Brighton Pier show sorted which no doubt will go down to the wire and I’m sure I’ll be having a few sleepless nights before it’s all hung and up and I can sit back and enjoy it. I’m into that rather unknown territory now of organising the publicity and working out who what where and when to send the blurb. I’ll try my usual tactics of naivety, charm and lack of pride to see what doors I can open. I’ll keep you posted.