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The estate of the nation

Estalely homes760

I’m not entirely sure I know which of these two houses says the most about a facet of the nation’s current thinking. On one side we have an attempt to hark back to perceived good old days of a Tudor merry England, and on the other the defiant display of the Union flag insists we still live in a Great Britain. UKIP undoubtedly will do well in this street!  2015 will be a pivotal moment for the nation as the sureties of two party politics disappear over the horizon. We have a Tory party intent on paring the state to it’s bare bones, an unconvincing and dithery Labour party, a confident SNP, UKIP who will sweep up votes from those in England who feel forgotten, then there are, the Greens, Liberals, various nationalist parties and of course add in Russell Brand’s ‘agit’  politics. Personally none of them grab me, and the thought of being governed from Brussels/ Berlin is not appealing either. My predictions for 2015 are, we will have an indecisive first election followed by another in the Autumn resulting in a slim Tory win by means of pandering to UKIP voters, Charlie will be on the throne by the end of the year, Boris will be Prime Minister, and Nick Clegg will be history. Whatever happens it’s not going to be business as usual.