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Men in frocks

Well that’s Pride over with for another year and Brighton starts clearing up.. It’s a very happy hunting ground for me, every little street corner yields something that is worthy of a snap, the trick is to try and make it look the everyday. I probably managed a 100 photos in 2 days   (which is a lot for me using film)  and if 3 of them are any good I’ll be more than happy,  I think my criteria for good is somewhat different to some of the ones I’ve seen on the internet.  I’ll put some of the results  on my somewhat neglected blog in the next week or so.

It maybe love.. Brighton Pride


Brighton’s Gay Pride  is always a happy photo hunting ground for me, almost every where you look there is something  worthy of a possible snap, in fact so much so it can all become quite cliched. I made half a dozen images of this pair at last year’s event, quietly bopping away and lost in their own little world and apart from the contrast of skin and wig colour it’s the gender ambiguity which draws me back again and again, hmm.. I’m still not sure.  Anyway  I’m looking forward to this years bash, a chance to put a few rolls of film through the cameras and it’s also the start of my summer holidays…. yay.