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No place like home

Hastings, Jack in the Gr821Bull832The great thing about Brighton is that there is always something ‘going on’ and it’s that for me which makes it a great place to live and make photographs, I feel very lucky to have lived here for most of my life, and I frequently remind my children of their good fortune. Yes of course, like everywhere  it’s changed a lot over the years mainly in the fact  that the only people who can afford to buy a house here now are Londoners with London incomes and London homes to sell. Thankfully I’m free from the shackles of a mortgage and the house is large enough to comfortably accommodate us all thus I don’t feel under huge financial pressure to work my fingers to the bone for a crust which enables me to get out and about with the camera reasonably frequently.

I’ve been in the darkroom this evening catching up on a bit of printing from the past couple of weeks which I really enjoyed as a couple of the pics made me chuckle. This weekend I’m off  to Stonehenge via the New Forest for the summer solstice (yet again) which generally turns up something interesting on the photographic front.  It’s always fun as well to have a night kipping/ camping in my dear old London taxi.

The lead photograph was taken on Brighton Pier a couple of weeks ago.. now that is what you call a neck !