Learner driver

BrightonAlong with the coughs and colds life seems to have returned seamlessly to it’s inescapable routine of work, school, family commitments and has left little time for ‘straggling’ with the camera so hence I’m making a conscious effort to head eastwards out of town this weekend for the earthly delights of Hastings and Bexhill.  In many ways though it’s been a productive last month in the workshop, my son Wilf is increasingly more confident with his woodworking skills and will start driving lessons next week ( hence the photo), the  ‘Ark’ is way ahead of schedule but still plenty more to do, and I’ve managed to clear up a few other jobs that seem to have been hanging around for an age.

As part of my background research for my an Ark in the UK I’ve been reading the Bronowski’s ‘Ascent of Man’ ( Darwin’s version was the Descent of Man)  which brings all the stuff about how we arrived to ‘where we are at’ today in a series of very readable essays. It’s certainly gone some ways to filling a few gaps in my limited understanding of man’s evolution. Roll on the next pub quiz.

Hopefully back in the darkroom next week I’ve half a dozen films awaiting development, and I’m feeling optimistic about a few of the images…. which is always fatal.

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