Back to Stonehenge yet again

Stonehenge 2014678

I spent last night with 25,000 other good souls at Stonehenge for the summer solstice. Back home now, I’ve had breakfast, decent coffee, a couple of hours kip, the shower can wait for an hour or two while I can catch up with all those things that build up after only a couple of days away. Observations on this years proceedings….. I heard a lot of Spanish, the policing was less intrusive, the druidical side was less apparent ( probably due to the crowds), the sun showed itself for a few minutes at sunrise then disappeared behind a curtain of grey. The highlights for me were a man dressed as a badger playing ‘Danny Boy’ on the saxophone, and a couple of chaps dressed in 18th century garb singing a song entitled  ‘Take your shoes and socks off and throw them in the air’, those that did went home barefoot. The anarchic edge of  Stonehenge’s summer bash has long since gone but all in all  it’s a fun, free event and a chance sit in a field, dress up and be silly with like minded folk for a few hours. From a personal and a photographic perspective though I prefer it’s winter equivalent.

On the way over to Wiltshire I stopped by in a very lush and verdant New Forest in search of  wildlife to add to the ‘ark’. Amusingly (for me anyway) I found a herd of ponies disrupting a cricket match while several cows looked on from the boundary rope. I came away smiling… one of those English moments I relish.

The photo is from last years Stonehenge, I’ll process the film from latest trip  today when I’ve gulped a bit more coffee.