My beloved M2 Leica (and Barney)

Barney M2829

The camera the Barney is holding I bought nearly 30 years ago and it still serves me well to this day, it has been dropped and bashed on countless occasions and bears all the scars of my renowned mistreatment of possessions. You can clearly see one dent above the viewfinder. Of the four Leica’s I own it is undoubtedly the one I reach for first, closely followed by a 1957 M3, on the occasions I use a flash I have a pocket sized 1973 Leica CL. The results they produce have a certain ‘signature’, which often invokes the question “when were these taken”. They are heavy, they have no light meters, focussing and exposure are hit and miss, they are ┬ásimple, quiet and unobtrusive, for me they are a joy and I still get the same buzz as when I picked one up all those moons ago.