It’s the playing not the winning.

Champlong, Haute Loire.

I suppose one of the great things about being on holiday is that it takes you away from the normal humdrum of daily life and routine and gives you a chance to view  your life from another perspective and whether changes are needed. I’ve been looking back at a few of my old photos and wondering whether they would have been better in colour and the answer would probably be yes. That led me on to the future possibility of not working in black and white and not producing images in the darkroom and the answer I gave myself was it  just wouldn’t be me. I’ve come to realise with so many things it’s what you put in to achieving something is more important than the result itself , it is the touch and imperfection of human hand that imparts soul and depth. The simple analogy is would I prefer home cooking from scratch or a bland and easy ready meal from Sainsburys, my 1956 Leica M3 with no light meter to some state of the art Canon, my old London Taxi  to an Audi Quattro, fix up my own house or get the builders in ? It’s the journey not the arrival that counts and for me therein lies the difference between digital and analogue,  I think I’ve  finally become a living dinosaur !

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