From Mickey Mouse to Marx, the People’s Republic of B and H.

Vodka131I was intrigued  to see that our local rag ‘The Argus’ has begun to take note of the  now burgeoning but apparently ‘joke’ People’s Republic of Brighton and Hove, even more interesting is scanning through the muttering dissent from the humourless ‘whatever next’ Daily Mail reader brigade on the  comments page ,to whom I would say, come on, folks, down a G and T or two and lighten up the PRBH are hardly a threat to your suburban bliss…. yet! I’m quite looking forward to the picnic in Preston Park on Sunday.

The photograph above was taken at the back of London Road a couple of years ago when the street was at it’s nadir  prior to it’s recent  and ongoing ‘Hoxtonisation’.  Have a look at if you would like to see some more.

Here’s another very Brighton image from the same series. Live the dream.

Live the dream. London Road