People’s Republic of Brighton and Hove

Plaice state177I read in today’s Guardian there is a move afoot to declare UDI for Brighton and Hove and announce a People’s Republic seeing that we now appear on the political map as a maverick island in a sea of blue conservatism. It resembles the opening credits to Dad’s Army, a brave little outpost nudging away the evil oppressors, I’m  sure we’ll not be fighting them on the beaches but hopefully we will not surrender. Brighton is more of the Groucho than the Karl persuasion and should we have to elect a new leader for our break away republic Russell Brand would be an ideal candidate, in my view he would  win it hands down.  Good luck to the Kemp Town resistance movement in their bid to join us.

The top photograph shows our newly created internal security force guarding key fish and chip installations around the city.