Rose tinted spectacles


My dear friend Martin was in town last night in transit between Hull and his life on a shoestring in Vigo in northern Spain. As ever it was nice to catch up with him in the pub, plus a few other old faces that I’ve known since the mid 80’s and not seen much of over the past couple of years, for a chat over things past and present. Noticeably refreshing was that nobody sneaked a peek at their mobile phone to check whatever one checks, something which on occasion I find mildly annoying and rude as it suggests there is something better going on elsewhere. Anyway the evening took me back to those days of almost living in smokey crowded pubs, simply nattering over a table full of beer, and the only thing available to eat was a stale cheese roll, but maybe I’m just looking back with the old rose tinted spectacles on.

Martin and I met through our passion for photography alas he doesn’t do much these days but here’s a link to him in action in Hull, he has a very unique style !


and here are some of the results




1 thought on “Rose tinted spectacles

  1. martin towse

    Dear Geo,
    ta for the links, very happpppy to be linked to your stuff.
    Don’t like the line that ‘he doesn’t do much these days’, cos I fuckin’ do.
    How about, he is presently engaged in a project to store unique photographs in his mind’s eye cos no other cunt looks at them anyway and if they did they would only look at ’em on a daft little screen and miss most of it.
    All for now mart.x


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