The taxi’s first outing as a mobile gallery


Sunday 9th November, 25 years since that unforgettable night in Berlin. Up early, no rain, not a breath of wind, a chance not to let pass by. I grabbed the dishevelled pile of Goodbye to the Wall prints taken down from the library windows the previous weekend , a pair of scissors, some sticky tape, jumped in the taxi and headed for the seafront, paid my £7 for an all day parking ticket and hey presto 10 minutes later, much to the bemusement of  the early morning surfers, joggers, and cyclists, an instant exhibition. I left it as you see in the photo to it’s own devices and headed off to the park to watch Barney play footie. I went back once with my dear chum Ollie to have a look and take a snap or two. Most passers by seemed a little wary, so not sure how many people stopped and looked throughout the day, not many I think.  That Ollie’s rather splendid 50 year old Mini in the background.

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