The thrill of the chase

AA  lone  soul fishing on a still winter’s day at the sewage outfall on Shoreham beach. There are  many analogies between photography and fishing,… the hours spent hunting for a few seconds of joy, the despondency of the missed strike, the hope big fish is only just round that corner, the solitary nature of the chase etc etc.  What I’ve realised over the years of walking the (same old) streets is that I never get bored,  …maybe cold, tired , irritated, hungry and footsore, but the alertness to possibility of a chance  that you need to take ‘street ‘ snaps  is totally absorbing. I guess that is what they call the thrill of the chase. Talking of which I’m heading off to Lewes today to watch toffs with dogs and horses wishing they could chase foxes, they should just ride up and down our street in the early hours, there are loads of them !

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