Brighton Pier


Pleased to say all 50 photos of the ‘We love to boogie” series went up on Brighton Pier today and hopefully they’ll stay there for the next two weeks or so, the general feeling is that some will get stolen or abused but I’m putting my faith in humankind’s better nature and hoping for the best. The initial reaction while we were putting them up was very positive and a lot of people stopped for a look and a chat ,they were a bit confused as to when they were taken, but there was a lot of smiling and pointing which makes it all worthwhile. We did have a bit of trouble attaching some of the frames and they were tending to slide off before the silicone dried, a few hit the deck and were duly handed back by the passing  public , a change of technique sorted the problem , namely a bigger blob  of gloop.

Anyway here’s another  ‘cliche’ photo to add to my ongoing series of cliches. England.. don’t you just  love it !



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