Strong and stable my arse.

General election 2017. .. and oh how the nation sniggered as we watched Theresa May humiliated by her own arrogance and then climb into bed with the British version of the Taliban to hang onto power. Just as Dunkirk and the Charge of the Light Brigade were defeats, Corbyn claims a heroic victory.. hats off to him though… if the rest of the Blairite Tory tribute act within his own ranks had got stuck in he may well have won it .. that would almost have been on a par with Leicester winning the Premiership. Other election highlights were Amber Rudd looking like she’d sat in something when her result was announced, Lord Bucket Head, and of course the salt in the wound of Labour winning Kensington by 20 votes. Politics used to be dull.. this is hilarious. if not somewhat disconcerting at the same time. Ho hum. X


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