Souvenir of Brighton

The sun is out , the tourists, homeless, hen parties/stag do’s, buskers and foreign students, ┬áblock the streets, the seagulls have started to nest. Brighton warms up for another seasonal deluge. The powers that ‘be’ are in the perpetual process of glorifying the seafront to enhance theirs and ours shiny perception/delusion of living in a independently minded forward thinking town, but just as In Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ there is always another unseen side.

1 thought on “Souvenir of Brighton

  1. martin towse

    Curious that I always feel that I am wading thigh deep with my balls trailing in it this ‘unseen side’. If only one could hide it then it might be that it is poorly represented but it is not. In actual fact the another unseen side is something decent and rare.


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