20×20 vision, a Pecha Kucha evening !

Postcard from London735

I told my children the other day I was due to be spouting forth to an audience about some of my photographs I’ve made over the last 30 odd years, which was greeted  with familial encouragement of “what do you know about anything”, “you.. have they ever met you ?”and “you’ll be rubbish” My dear daughter did come up with as  “it’s nice to be asked though”. So with this substantial vote of confidence behind me I’ll be rattling on for 20 seconds a piece about 20 of my photographs on the 25th January at a Pecha Kucha event in Brighton. I do need to sit down this weekend and think about what I’m going to say as currently I’ve given it very little thought, I’m naively thinking I’ll be able to ad lib it for the six (very) odd minutes that I’m required for.

The theme for the night is re, re , re, which was originally suggested to be recycling, regeneration, and reinvention, I’ve gone a bit off piste and opted for  revolution, rebellion, and referendum which will probably sound like some ill informed, pissed up bloke having a rant in a pub,… not far from the truth really.


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