Seagulls flying high


Well well, how good to see Brighton and Hove Albion at the top of the Championship table after the heartbreak of last season. The forthcoming match against Newcastle at the end of the month should seal it if the Seagulls win,.. shame it’s impossible to buy a ticket, hopefully one of our season ticket holding friends will break a leg and offer it to us !

1 thought on “Seagulls flying high

  1. Alfred E Neumann

    I’ve got a pet seagull, his name his Harold, after me granddad on me mother’s side. Sometimes I feed him sardines but presently dutch Edam and wholemeal bread. He would rather eat the cheese than the bread. Don’t blame him really. I’m not allowed to have pets but he only touches down for part of each day. The landlord is concerned that he will build a nest and that will interfere with the water running off the roof. I suppose he likes the convenience of regular food but I can’t help regarding him as incredibly loyal. He’s put on some weight. He flies about quite a lot. He’s run errands to Venezuela and the North of England for me. When he went to Venezuela he hitched a ride back on the wing of an aircraft. Harold’s also got a mate called Horace who is a field mouse. Horace wove a little saddle from strands of red hair that were donated by a cam girl. Now Horace can ride on Harold’s back and they often go off together leaving me alone. I don’t feed Horace he can find is own food. He’s quite secretive and spends most of his time in his hole.


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