Monthly Archives: May 2018

Problems in Brighton

  1. Rubbish everywhere.   2. Too many cars and nowhere to park them. 3. Too many students ( who don’t pay council tax but make most of the mess). 4. Too many new flats and no increase in public services. 5. Bonkers school admissions policy. 6. Me.  7. My kids. 8. Too many  joggers. 9. Pretentious arseholes .10. You can’t say anything un pc without somebody telling you  that “you can’t say that”

P.S … but I wouldn’t live anywhere else


The trouble is as I approach my sixtieth year I realise I haven’t got much past having the mentality and humour of a fourteen year old boy, and yes I know this snap doesn’t adhere to the pc sensibilities of our age  and it could be deemed I’m taking the mick but in my own little way I’m being affectionate. The people I would take the piss out of is the muscle, bound 6 pack gym freaks who are so caught up in their own narcissistic world of body perfection.