Monthly Archives: February 2018

Food Bank Brighton

February  is a poor month to be a street photographer in England, ..cold, wet, shitty light when there is any, so hence my neglected blog as a result of not being out and about much.  I’ve been fortunate this winter though as I’ve had some decent workshop jobs which have kept me in the dry and warm with a few pennies rolling in to sustain the family and I in the life style we’ve  become accustomed to.  I’ve been busy though and I’ve worked out a format to exhibit ‘Life of Brighton’ but still undecided on what form a printed version should take. I still have plenty of time to make my mind up though.

This image involved hanging around for an hour or so on a rather deserted street corner waiting for a suitable subject to walk by while fending off questions from curious/suspicious residents as to what I was doing. Such a glam life I lead !