Monthly Archives: January 2018

This moment..

 I do get a twang in my conscience when I take  a photo like this, but the grim irony of street scenes such as theseI find very hard to pass by.  Was “this moment” an opportunity for me  with a camera  or does it mean anyone can be someone if they really “want it” or “work hard “.  The old lie  “You can do anything”, the trouble is we only hear the success stories and nothing of those who fell over the edge. Luck or conversely bad luck has so much to do with our outcomes, to paraphrase Shakespeare  in Twelfth night ( which was 2 days ago ) “some are born with bad luck, some achieve bad luck and some have bad luck thrust upon them”.  I don’t know this young lady’s story , I normally stop for a natter, but she was well out of it, and by the time I went back an hour later but she’d  upped and gone, hopefully somewhere better than this. Happy New Year.