Monthly Archives: October 2017

Up yours !

Last week before the clocks change and we’re plunged into darkness for the winter months. For me now on  that means it’s night time sorties with the flash gun, which doesn’t make for inconspicuous  snapping, one hit is all you get ! Halloween and bonfire night generally produce  a few results but after that it’s rather barren till spring returns.

Of course there is the ever changing street art scene which  I’m constantly on the look out for. I don’t know what the image above was all about but it did make me smirk ( or maybe even snigger).

Jesus saves….. at Poundland

I’m not quite sure why this chap was walking around carrying a  cross but it sort of fitted in with my Life Of Brian/Brighton theme. Ah the good old London Road… never dull. I also like the fact you can see my reflection in  the window.

Blood, sweat and disco.

If you’re around and about London Road, Brighton in the next two weeks, head int the Open Market and you’ll find my recently dusted down ‘We love to Boogie” snaps on display… then take your clothes off and dance around naked for a couple of minutes.. you’ll feel so much better.

As James Brown once said ” the one thing that can solve our problems is dancing”. He didn’t say anything about doing it in the raw but I’m sure he’d approve.