Monthly Archives: May 2017

Hand in hand

This is a photograph I took in a Prague backstreet in 1989 , the days when Eastern Europe was a world apart from it’s western half. It remains one of my firm favourites of the images I made at that time. My methods and practices have changed little in the intervening 30 years, black and white demands one to keep  it simple but keep enough in the frame to make it interesting, and above all if possible to keep an element of ambiguity and mystery. The comment  I most relish when I show people photographs is “where and when did you take this ? “. Whereas a lot of photographers try to beautify a mundane world I regard my mission as to make things uglier than they actually are.

All the fun of the fair

My dear sister has just pointed out I’ve been neglecting my blog as of recent and suggested I had run out of material. So as we share the same surname (or at least used to) this photograph is for her. Again it’s one of those little juxtapositions that I can’t resist and probably neatly captures my photographic ideology, i.e. I’m just having a bit of fun with the world usually at the expense of someone less fortunate than myself.

Brighton festival starts this weekend which usually provides me with a bit of camera sustenance out on the streets , the trouble  is finding the time between Barney’s football, a huge back log of work and everything else that gets in the way of the dilettante  life I aspire to.

On another note I’m quite enjoying Theresa May (a.k.a Kim Jong-un) squabbling with Jean Claude Juncker ( a.k.a Sepp Blatter) in pantomime politics, the only problem is they drag us all into the mire with them.