Monthly Archives: April 2017

Rag ‘n’ bone men

For somebody who feeds off the ironies of life that Brighton throws up (both meanings) on a daily basis this snap of one of the ubiquitous homeless was a gift, especially so as it was outside the trendiest shop in the city. Maybe we all be wearing sleeping bags and hoodies soon as a fashion statement. How does the song go ? ” I’m only human after all”

Mad dogs and Englishmen

In a week when Britain said (rightly or wrongly) goodbye to the EU, and England possibly parted ways with Scotland, I thought this snap of some dead dogs in Burma would be appropriately inappropriate to mark the end of an era.  Poison I believe was the cause of their ( the dogs) demise and ironically maybe the cause of ours,.. time and a lot of wrangling will tell. Other than that it’s been a good week in our household, Barney got offered a school closer to home, instead of  the one a nightmarish 40 minute journey , the sun has shone, the Seagulls have come a step closer to the Premiership, and work that pays the bills is in abundance. T’is good as Shakespeare might say.