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Souvenir of Brighton

The sun is out , the tourists, homeless, hen parties/stag do’s, buskers and foreign students,  block the streets, the seagulls have started to nest. Brighton warms up for another seasonal deluge. The powers that ‘be’ are in the perpetual process of glorifying the seafront to enhance theirs and ours shiny perception/delusion of living in a independently minded forward thinking town, but just as In Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ there is always another unseen side.

The Night Watch man state

Shaun the security guard with Otis his German shepherd in the old Co-op building ,Brighton .

I took this one a while back when I was making my A-Z of the London Road book (which is probably due for a revised edition by now).  I’m never sure whether to laugh or cry  (usually the latter), when I make my regular forays along the 400  or so  yards of London Road,  anyway I never tire of it, which is lucky as it’s right on my doorstep.

Apparently the ‘night watchman state’ in political theory is one that only provides the bare minimum of services, police, judiciary, prisons etc, just enough to allow laissez faire capitalism to go it’s merry unhindered way. That would never happen here now would it !

Canaries in a coal mine

It’s been a traumatic few days in our household, firstly with our daughter Evie setting off on her travels, secondly our youngest son Barney being cast off to the distant reaches of Brighton for his secondary education in a school we did not choose, where he has no friends and is a half hour bus ride away. I am now an expert in the rights and wrongs of school admissions and how arbitrary your whole future well being can be based on your name being pulled out of a hat.  Brighton council allow too many houses to be built with no increase in the infra structure but very happy too take the extra revenues  from council tax and let the developers make their vast profits. It all stinks especially when you’re on the wrong end of it.