Monthly Archives: November 2016

Only one H in White’awk


Here’s one I took (and I do take not make)  last weekend at the  FA cup match between Whitehawk and Stourbridge. I haven’t enjoyed a game so much in ages, great crowd, funny songs, anti racist, anti sexist, anti homophobic, a complete volte face to football of previous decades, and even what was going on on the pitch  was entertaining too. Let’s hope they win the replay.

Big brother


Mooched down to the cinema this week to see  Ken Loach’s ‘I, Daniel Blake’  which in my opinion is a wonderful film, asks the question where did it all go wrong,  both for us as individuals and  society as a whole in a dehumanised digital world. When it comes to the crunch It is people that help people not screens and machines.

Th film brought to my mind two of my favourite books 1984 and Catch 22. I’ve been pondering George Orwell’s 1984 recently (amidst a germ of an idea for a future project) , with it’s  four ministries of Peace, Truth, Plenty, and Love  that control the lives of the people of Oceania.In the book the notion that Big Brother is watching ‘you’ is actually the reverse in essence ‘we’  watch Big Brother  so addicted to the screen have we become. It is a far cleverer way of controlling people. Be very interesting to see what would happen if we had a week long national power cut.