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Back to earth

fallen-angel227It’s now a week since An Ark in the UK returned to port and I’ve been busy playing catch up with the neglected areas of life which has mainly been the onerous task of earning some money. There’s always a bit of  a ‘crash’ when a project finishes, I have slightly missed all the banter with the public though I  have to admit I was beginning to tire of answering the same old questions and offering the explanations of what it was all about. In hindsight I don’t think I would change  a lot, maybe encourage people to read the blurb a bit more, fliers are a waste of time and money, ‘twitter’ I still don’t get and reeks of self obsession, (though I have done a few tweets in the last few days), I think three weeks was about the right length of time for it to run for otherwise it would be getting stale.

Somebody the other day, befuddled by my commitment to something so costly and seemingly without reward, asked me why I do it, my answer was photography has given me so many of my best moments and my best friendships. Reward enough.

What’s going on here then ?


As the Ark comes to the end of it’s Brighton outing and prepares to sail off  for it’s winter moorings in a dark corner of my workshop it’s time for me to think about another project to get my teeth into. I’ve a couple of ideas, one is a hitch hiking tour/ road trip probably to be titled ‘Anywhere’, another is ‘Carry on Constable’ which is a fun project about coppers looking ridiculous, the other is  a complete works of my Brighton photographs over 30 years  but shown as ‘naughty postcards’.  The other major plans  are renovate my rusting London cab, earn some money, go to India, fix everything I’ve neglected in the house over the last year , drink more wine, avoid Government advice, and go to the Duke of York’s cinema more.

Beware the Jub Jub bird,


Well that was a nice surprise , a quick e-mail and my very busy chum Chris Riddell , children’s laureate, author, illustrator, and all round wonderful human being is in town on the 22nd October and is going to come down to The Open Market at 2.30 and read ‘The Hunting of the Snark’ by Lewis Carroll. for the last day of ‘An Ark in the UK’  Fancy dress competition for the children on the theme of Lewis Carroll characters and the chance to win a Riddell original for best and most imaginative.

Tis brillig and slithy tove

Photo in Dublin a few weeks ago.

Shore leave


Good fun at the public/private  view yesterday Thanks to everyone who came and Barry Pitman for the  photo.  I almost look normal!  The Ark is having a day off today while captain, crew and creatures take a bit of shore leave to recover. Back tomorrow Tuesday 11th.

The Ark cometh


All being well and there are no hiccups in the short transit from my workshop the Ark should berth tomorrow on Brighton’s own Mount Ararat a.k.a The Open Market. I’ll be interested to see what the reaction to it is, I think people might be a bit daunted at first and wary of opening the doors but once one person summons up the courage, others always follow.