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A very British museum


On the weekend after the Brexit vote in contrast to the general despondency  about the outcome exhibited by friends and family I headed out of Brighton to see if I could find any signs of jubilation in the other camp.  Though this is probably not the best photograph I’ll ever take  it does have a few of the elements of the Little Britain nostalgia mentality which won the day , white cliffs, union jacks, old soldiers, canons facing across the channel ready to repel all, and then off course their is the ‘Museum’ sign to sum it all up.

“We don’t do that religious stuff anymore.”


Myself and the dear ‘missus’ have escaped the confines of Brighton and family life for a weekend away in Dublin  alongside  half  the teenage population of Italy and the rest of the stag and hen “do’s  which didn’t go to Brighton. It feels  home away from home  with  cafe’s , restaurants, and tourists on every corner . We casually asked at the airport about buses on Sundays for the return to  Blighty and was jovially informed ” no problem, we don’t do that religious stuff anymore” and indeed it would seem they don’t, too busy eating and drinking.

The photograph was taken in  Krakow, Poland.quite a while ago.

Animal kind



” As long as man continues to be the destroyer of lower living beings he will never know health or peace. For as  long as men massacre animals the will kill each other ”    as said by Pythagoras – quite a long time ago.

Answer that and stay fashionable !

Choppy waters

Brighton doll181

Despite all the talk of the ramifications of Brexit it is worth mentioning that nothing in the country has actually changed, the Tories and Cameron are still in position, Corbyn is still leader of the Labour party,  Scotland is still part of the UK, England still lose on the football pitch, bankers still make huge amounts of cash. The big change is that there are a lot more angry ‘ hot under the collar’ people around, everyone talks endlessly about the pros and cons of  the politicians involved , why did they do this or didn’t do that,   what might happen and what might not,… and no one talks much sense any more… mind you they never did anyway. Ho hum.

Brighton Pier a couple of weeks ago.