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Stay or leave…. personally I’m going !

Well done tiny minded, selfish, small Englanders, talk about shooting yourself in the foot… missing… and then shooting yourself (and the rest of us) in the head instead.

For myself and my children  I would like to see an England  that includes the world … like this…


..not a  ‘little’ England that is a throwback to some notion of the good old days… like this


You’ve been sold a bunch of porky pies/promises . Who pays ?

All aboard the Euro Roller Coaster

Euro Roller Coaster180

I have issues with this referendum / Tory Party Leadership contest the dear Mr Cameron has asked us all to take part in, surely we elect MPs to make these decisions on our behalf.  Ask the British public too much and we’d  have capital punishment back faster than you could pull the lever, Ant and Dec in No 10, and Katie Hopkins as Home Secretary.

People of my leaning  we fall between a rock and a hard place, I’m certainly no Little Englander but neither am I a fan of the Franco/German austerity dominated EU. The end result will probably have little effect on me either way but will on my children, hence having made sure they have a grasp of what’s entailed  I’ve asked them which way they would like me to vote.

So it’s a ‘stay’ from me and pray the EU stands it’s ground against the corporate invasion  of Europe.

The photograph was taken a couple of years ago in Hyde Park in anticipation this was going to happen.


Insult to injury

seagull 2177

I found this one lurking in an old box of my photographs, it’s one took way back. I know things have changed a lot regarding keeping animals in captivity for human (inhumane) enjoyment but this does make the still valid point rather nicely.  I know which one  I would shoot ? Let hope it’s fake.

Rain birds

seagull 2172

All the donuts have
Names that sound like prostitutes
And the moon’s teeth marks are
On the sky like a tarp thrown over all this
And the broken umbrellas like
Dead birds and the steam
Comes out of the grill like
The whole goddamned town is ready to blow

Tom Waits… from 9th street hennepin

..god I wish I’d written that.