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Is the Queen dead ?


I thought the Scottish referendum was interesting but this one over the nation’s continued involvement with Europe will be more so, even though I’m not currently sure which argument  sways me  at the moment, my more anarchistic side would lean towards the ‘out’ camp … just to see what would happen. Personally I am not convinced of the economic meltdown theory put forward by the ‘in’s ‘ and I’m certainly not comfortable with an unelected Franco-German leaning bureaucratic axis calling the shots as to how the continent should proceed,…  but then again nor am I happy sitting on the same side of the fence as a bunch of Tory right wing bigots who wish to close the doors to all and sundry !  I wonder which way the Queen would vote ?

The Life of Brian and everyone else


As part of my current obsession with  Noah’s ark I’ve been delving into the mythology and genealogy of the Old Testament and what happened when Noah and his family left the ark to repopulate the world. Cooped up on a boat for a few months  they got busy straight away and seems to have plenty of ‘begetting’ going on!  But it the line from Noah’s son Shem that is the main one to follow as this leads directly down to Abraham, who from my understanding seems to be the granddaddy of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. From then on the family differences  between his sons Isaac and Ishmael (from different wives Sarah and Hagar) is where the religions divide and never reconcile. Follow the line from Ishmael for a few centuries and you arrive at the Prophet Mohamed and on his death bed left behind the successional schism between Sunni and Shia.  I am a little wiser now but not a lot but hey… families…  don’t you just love ’em !!

Apologies first, I’m no scholar and that is probably an interpretation that is more worthy of the ‘Life of Brian’, . The photograph was taken in December near to Marble Arch and was a celebration of the Muslim festival of  the Ashura.