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Animal Camden

I have had a month or so lay off from photography while the weather has been poor and also I’ve been absorbed at the workshop making my own version of the Ark, which I have to say is well ahead of schedule thanks to some fine assistance  and impetus from my son Wilf.  Tomorrow is the climate change march in London which has the possibility of an opportunity for a snap (and a cliche) or two , seeing as my current project has it’s roots in a cataclysmic flood I thought I’d better go along. The route for the march goes past the Royal Academy so hopefully I’ll get a chance to be a culture vulture and drop in to give the  Ai Weiwei exhibition a butchers.

Dial M for Meat

Meat934It was just after Christmas last year when I gave up eating meat much to the surprise of many of my friends who regarded me as Number one carnivore. Well I can quite honestly say I haven’t missed it a bit, I feel better physically and mentally and it certainly makes a difference to the pocket. The more I consider it the more I realise the 3 e’s argument, (ethical, economic and environmental ) of the benefits of being a meat free society. The only thing that’s going for it is that it tastes good.

Only about a month to go till the slaughter begins again.

New World Order ?

New world order937

According to David Icke,  the New World Order will be controlled by a cabal of reptilian humanoid  overlords , who in reality are probably in power already…. Osborn looks more lizard like each day!  I’m not sure quite what I meant by juxtaposing the two signs together somehow it just seemed pertinent…maybe it’s because sheep are easily led.

Lewes Bonfire in the rain a week ago.

Batman/cat woman

Batman:cat woman917

I headed off to a wet and windy Lewes on Thursday night for the Bonfire celebrations which were pleasantly crowd free and gave me a little more elbow room than usual to take some pictures, a couple of which I am feeling hopeful about. I haven’t had chance to get in the darkroom yet but with a bit of luck I’ll do so tonight if I can shake off last night’s cob webs !  The timber for the ‘ark’ doors arrived this week so Wilf and I have been been busy planing and sawing it to size, it is an ominously large pile and I’m beginning to realise the scale of the task I’ve set myself. Oh well that’s what winter in the workshop is for and I’ll get a nice pile of offcuts for the fire to keep us toastie over the cold months.