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This is slightly off the beaten track from my usual photographic subject matter as it involves no people (or animals) and I’m not a great fan of what I would term loosely as landscape/ architectural photographs. I know it hopelessly naive but for me my trouble with them is that you could go back the next day and given the same weather conditions you could produce the same or very similar image.  Anyway enough of that, here is  an image of Brighton’s latest pride and joy the ‘love it or hate it’ i360, having said that I’m uncharacteristically ambivalent about it, to me it’s a glammed up fairground ride for the middle age and middle class. I’m sure it will be have a bright shiny financially successful first few years but I suspect after a decade or so it will look as tatty as everything and everybody in this wonderful town.

A rainy day in Camden

Kangaroo Camden865

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at work so I haven’t had a much chance to get into the darkroom to print anything new on the plus side at least I’ve managed to put away a few pennies. Work has begun on my display cases for the ‘ark’ photos which is going to be quite an undertaking as there is an immense amount to do.  My son Wilf is my new assistant and seems to be quite be enjoying his new role  in the workshop, it’s very much a win/win situation he earns and learns and I get my boxes made. I’m going to have to start giving serious consideration to venues soon as the time will soon start to fly by, I do have a couple in mind now though, I particularly liked the look of the exhibition area in the Horniman Museum in South London, would suit what I’m planning down to the ground.

Back up to London again this weekend for another couple of days staying with friends in the East End, hopefully I’ll get a chance to check out the street art, I’ve got my eye on a giant flea on a wall in Shoreditch, hopefully it will still be there.

Does life imitate art or vice versa ?


This is one of my favourite photographs I made this year.  The similarity in form between the real life version and it’s inanimate counterpart is uncanny. The paving bricks  point the eye towards the fleeing gull while at the same time framing it’s flightless echo, the dropped fish ‘n’ chip container, the smear of ketchup on the ground,  a dropped serviette,the two tone checks in the back ground, in essence one of those chance and unrepeatable moments when a few simple elements harmoniously collide.

An ark in an arch

The Ark916

Another image from around my home patch of London Road, probably not one  I’ll include in the  ‘An Ark in the U.K.’ series as it contains no beasts, but still nice to get a snap of the old boat itself, (which incidentally was made by my metal working chum Jon Mills). It’s the beady, wary eye that make the photo, … and maybe the arch of the back.

I’m off on ‘safari’ todays to the Horniman museum in south London  for another trawl around cases of stuffed animals, then onto a restaurant not far from there called the ‘Yak and Yeti’. I was hoping for a rainy day alas it looks like being sunny !

Er… forget that last bit, I’ve just returned from the station and the trains to London are screwed up, I’ll save it for a day when the weather is worse.

‘We love to boogie’ reprise

Brighton686 Flashmob584 Nutters168

It was exactly a year ago that I was putting up my ‘We love to Boogie’ series along Brighton Pier,   it seems a distant age away now. It was a very enjoyable project to do and took me to places and people where ordinarily I would not have ventured and for me that is one of great joys if not the greatest joy of photography. Here are three of my favourites,  if you haven’t seen the others you can find them here