Monthly Archives: September 2015

Just another day on the Death Star

Vader Brighton903I only nipped out to get some veggies for supper when I found this little line up in a side street off London Road, it shows the value of keeping a camera with you at all times ‘just in case’. I’m off to Tring in Hertfordshire today to have a look at the Rothschild’s stuffed animal collection which has been on my list of place to visit for a while now, it’ll be good to get out of Brighton for the day, cabin fever is setting in. We’ve the rejuvenated Labour Party in town this coming week so hopefully their will  be a bit of action down on the sea front, I will no doubt take a wander down there at some point.

K is for kraken

Kraken906For me this busy photograph summarises all the elements that have gone into the ‘thinking’ about my ‘ark’ project, a mix of animal, boat, umbrella, cars, signs, and in this one an appropriately named pub. I admit I was fortunate here to have the police van and  a car with a number plate beginning in KR  being stationary in the right place at the right time. To a certain degree you make your own luck but it’s as important to realise when it occurs and then to make the most of it. This was taken on a wet Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago on my regular stomping ground of London Road.

The world turned upside down

World turned upside down191The title is of course a well known agit prop song from Billy Bragg and lifted from a much earlier folk song from the 1640’s, it is also a book by  Marxist historian Christopher Hill about the English revolution, so In the week that the English left finally and thankfully  poked it’s head  above the parapet after many years, courtesy of the catalytic effect of Jeremy Corbyn, I thought this would make a good subject for a post. Maybe it is both interesting and poignant  that the upside down performer is called Ivan.

B is for butterfly

Butterfly Alfriston868My dear wife thought I was being a  little heartless and inconsiderate with this one, and indeed she’s probably right. I quite like the fact there is a  ‘P is for porcupine’  board  in the background as well as the the more obvious and pertinent sign on the bus ! Anyway as a photograph it  amuses me, I’ll  just have to forgo my award for political correctness.

Tis a silly place

New Forest851Choosing a horse picture for the ‘ark’ is going to be a tricky business as I have at least four that can stake a claim. As with the ‘ Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon’ image from the previous post I wasn’t sure about this one when I first printed it but it’s steadily growing on me. For me England is such a great place to make photographs, why people feel they need to go to the ends of the earth when it’s all here on your doorstep beats me. Often when I’m out and about with a camera I’m reminded of a scene  from Monty Python’s Holy Grail  where King Arthur turns to his companions after their failure to persuade the outrageous French guardians of Camelot  to let  them enter and says ” never mind tis a silly place anyway”.  Maybe I should have that as my photography motto …  if I haven’t already.