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Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

Devils Dyke826I was a bit unsure about this image when I first printed it a few months ago but the more  my eye wandered  over it the  more it began to grow on me. There is no real subject matter other than a benign Sunday afternoon on the Sussex Downs and the English doing what they do best, walking the dog, playing with the kids, eating ice creams and soaking up the countryside under a dodgy sky. Somehow as a photograph it works though, I think it’s down to the telescope in the middle.  Anyway it’s my Winogrand and Tony Ray Jones influence coming out again and  I’m sure Freddie Mercury will forgive me borrowing the title !

V is for vulture

V is for vulture896In an episode of the Simpsons  Marj makes a  comment that she thought ‘googling yourself’ meant something entirely different altogether, similarly I have a problem with the phrase ‘doing a selfie’. Such is the narcissistic nature of the world in which we now live I thought I’d give the selfie a go too and the above image is my feeble attempt at the emerging genre.  HereIn there is no way am I trying to suggest that photographers are predatory beasts and feed off the carrion  around them..

A field somewhere in Sussex

Jo and Ben wedding885Jo and Ben wedding880Jo and Ben wedding892

Jo and Ben wedding893In a change from my usual street lurking photography role I did the wedding “carnage’ snaps for my nephew Ben and his bride Jo. Great fun to do, great day out , lovely people, lots of dancing, music from the marvellously talented and diverse band ‘Oomphf’, it’s put a real spring in my set this week. It was funny though to be the only veggie amongst 120 , most of whom were farmers tucking into what looked like raw beef. Needless to say I didn’t talk politics and that I thought Jeremy Corbyn’s was straying a bit to the right of what I’d prefer, I also failed to mention I’d voted Green in the election. I was pleasantly pleased with the photo results  and I’m now considering offering my services for hatchings , matchings and dispatchings ( and of course bar mitzvahs.. I wouldn’t want to be accused of being anti semitic)

Good luck you two and thank you for a very enjoyable day.



Plenty more fish in the sea?

Whale861I’ve just returned from a brief holiday in an idyllic house in ‘Wales’ so hence the photo and excuse the pun. The irony of this juxtaposition on a Brighton street corner was not lost on me, my whole photo ethos is based on these serendipitous encounters that pass within a blink,  a simple and poignant point made in a 125th of a second.

Motto ‘never trust anyone in a suit’

Brighton psycho843In an outburst of not so youthful  idealism, invigorated  by ‘man of the people’  Jeremy Corbyn, this week I joined the Labour Party. Oh yes I’ve heard all the bleating that it’s return to the 80’s and he has no chance of being elected,  well if being a decent straight talking empathetic compassionate human being is a bit retro then give me that any day to the  ‘win at all costs’ be-suited PR conscious Blairite neo-liberals. I’m sorry but Milliband tried that ‘appeal to all’ approach and lost because he came over as a bland, unconvincing, lacking substance, a turn off to young voters, and hence safe old conservative “middle England’ won again. Even if Corbyn is unlikely to become P.M. it’s worth a shot.

The photograph is not of the Member for  North Islington  it just looks like him.