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Spiny Norman

Hedgehog817The Doug and Dinsdale a.k.a the Piranha Brothers were one of the many fabulous creations of the Monty Python team and bore more than a passing resemblance to the once notorious Kray twins. Dinsdale in his paranoia believed he was being followed by Spiny Norman a 14ft high giant hedgehog, I found the one above lurking in Shoreditch a couple of months ago.  I spent this Sunday on safari around Camden hunting out  street art , managed to add a rhinoceros, a polar bear, a muppet, a tiger, and a kangaroo to my ever burgeoning ‘trophy’ list. Great fun day out but got absolutely drenched.

It maybe love.. Brighton Pride


Brighton’s Gay Pride  is always a happy photo hunting ground for me, almost every where you look there is something  worthy of a possible snap, in fact so much so it can all become quite cliched. I made half a dozen images of this pair at last year’s event, quietly bopping away and lost in their own little world and apart from the contrast of skin and wig colour it’s the gender ambiguity which draws me back again and again, hmm.. I’m still not sure.  Anyway  I’m looking forward to this years bash, a chance to put a few rolls of film through the cameras and it’s also the start of my summer holidays…. yay.

Istanbul not Constantinople


Looking back through boxes of old photos the other day and I came across this one I made a very long time ago in Istanbul during the days when I was obsessed with the work of  Henri Cartier Bresson. The great man had actually taken a photo of these same steps in a rather run down neighbourhood of the city some 20 years previous to my poor attempt, but what I like about this image is it could have been taken yesterday , there is nothing within to place a date upon it , no cars, no signs, and dare I say no fashion. I would be quite interested to go back and see if these steps have survived the intervening three decades and what they look like now,  I’d they’re probably find they are sponsored by Pepsi or KFC.

An Ark in the U.K.

Flock of birds854Flock of seagulls830The ‘Ark’ series which I’m currently working on has an underlying theme of the prevalence of water which not only ties in with the notion of an impending and cataclysmic flood such as faced by Noah but also links to contemporary concerns around global warming. The difference between the biblical ark and my version is that the latter was to save the animals from a watery demise whereas mine will be to save the beasts from mankind and his misdeeds. I’m fixed now on the title of “An Ark in the U.K.” as it word plays nicely with the Sex Pistols song, which happens to celebrate the 40th anniversary of it’s release next year. Aren’t we getting old !

Would you rather watch the cricket or a pile of……

New Forest849

England’s love hate relationship with Australians begins again at Cardiff this Wednesday and to maintain my state of marital bliss I’m praying we carry on in the same  spirited vein we were showing against the Kiwis. Belinda never comments on the cricket but I always sense the quiet smugness when the Aussies are doing well and England are floundering, which prior to a month ago had been happening on a far too regular basis. Fortunately this week I’m working for my chum Midnight Johnny who is an avid cricket fan, Australian detractor, and subscriber to Sky Sports, so fitting his new kitchen will no doubt take longer than planned as I anxiously watch the match between bouts of work.

Homage to Bresson and Kertesz

Brighton383If I had to rescue 10 of my photographs from a fire this image would certainly be one of those  I would grab. I’m not entirely sure what makes it so alluring for me, on the surface it is simply a man with an umbrella running across a road on a snowy sleety January day, but as your eye wanders around the picture all those fugitive  compositional elements  fuse together in what dear old Cartier Bresson would term a decisive moment. The added bonus  is the photograph doesn’t give any answers and only asks questions in a similar vein to the images of the great Andre Kertesz. I guess I just got lucky with this one!