Monthly Archives: July 2014

London Road and the Open Market

The Open Market in London Road launched with a flourish yesterday which was good to see after all the waiting and more waiting. Time only will tell the effect it will have on the general vibe of the area, for me the big change will come when the old Co-op building comes back into play complete with it’s complement of 400 or so students. I’m already considering the content of a revised edition of the A-Z of London Road but that’s  a couple of years off yet. Whilst wandering around I had a quick chat with a young man carrying a very natty and expensive  Leica M9 who looked at my somewhat battered M2 version with some disdain and declared he’d given up with film because of the cost. I stepped back from pointing out  that  he could have bought a fair few rolls  for the cost of the camera he was using. His main idealogical thrust in using digital over analogue was that photos are  principally for sharing and digital makes that so much easier. The latter point I wouldn’t dispute but the premiss that one makes a  photograph with the principle aim in conveying it to someone else left me bemused. Personally I make photographs for myself and if they happened to be seen by a wider audience that’s all well and good and I’m grateful for that attention, but in the first instant they are for my own consumption. Photographers, my self included  really are  a strangely driven and self obsessed  bunch.

Photo Fringe knees up

I spent a pleasant but brief hour at a Photo Fringe meeting last night before having to dash home with sustenance ( pizza) for the kids. Talking to others there I hadn’t quite realised how fortunate I’ve been to nail  my exhibition spot on the pier in as much as haven’t had to stump up any cash for the privilege. Hats off as well to the organisers of the fringe  because I doubt whether they’re getting any renumeration for their efforts, better buy them a drink next time. On another note I picked up all 50 of the exhibition prints from the laminators today all I need now is the frames.

Haven’t had chance to get in the darkroom for nearly 2 weeks now , hopefully it’ll rain this weekend and I’ll feel justified not being out and about. With luck my paper delivery from Silverprint will arrive tomorrow as well, seems Ilford are having  production problems.  Oh well.

The Taxi and the Tour de France

I took my beloved Fairway Taxi to London yesterday for a complete engine makeover, I figure after 350,000 miles it’s earned a bit of love and care and it may also give it a bit more oomph up the mountains of France during the forthcoming summer holidays. Ironically enough East London was at standstill due to the arrival of the Tour de France entourage which added a good two hours to my journey. The cab duly delivered I headed back to Trafalgar Square and did some snaps of the razzmatazz, and quite an adrenalin filled spectacle it is. The one’s I got most excited by were the French gendarmes (one was picking his nose) intermingling with English bobbies, If they’re any good I’ll put them up in a week or so, such is the my lack of immediacy in this immediate world.

Thank you Mr Miller

First of all a big thanks to Dan Miller for sorting the website for me. I’ll try and blog as often as possible, as the name The Straggler suggests I’m a bit of a dinosaur at this game.

We Love to Boogie

Here is a sneaky peak of the new series on show on Brighton Pier in October, I’ll add some more details nearer the time. x