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The Taxi and the Tour de France

I took my beloved Fairway Taxi to London yesterday for a complete engine makeover, I figure after 350,000 miles it’s earned a bit of love and care and it may also give it a bit more oomph up the mountains of France during the forthcoming summer holidays. Ironically enough East London was at standstill due to the arrival of the Tour de France entourage which added a good two hours to my journey. The cab duly delivered I headed back to Trafalgar Square and did some snaps of the razzmatazz, and quite an adrenalin filled spectacle it is. The one’s I got most excited by were the French gendarmes (one was picking his nose) intermingling with English bobbies, If they’re any good I’ll put them up in a week or so, such is the my lack of immediacy in this immediate world.