Blood, sweat and disco.

If you’re around and about London Road, Brighton in the next two weeks, head int the Open Market and you’ll find my recently dusted down ‘We love to Boogie” snaps on display… then take your clothes off and dance around naked for a couple of minutes.. you’ll feel so much better.

As James Brown once said ” the one thing that can solve our problems is dancing”. He didn’t say anything about doing it in the raw but I’m sure he’d approve.


The Kissing Wall

This one was taken about a month ago by the now weather beaten Brighton ‘kissing wall’, it is in fact a hen party larking around rather some symbolic  lesbian  ritual. Nice tones all through, no annoying sky or 21st century clutter to distract the eye, enough going on to hold your interest and ask yourself what’s happening here. It needs the girl in the foreground otherwise it would look staged. I was pleased with this one, it serves my purposes well.

Men in frocks

Well that’s Pride over with for another year and Brighton starts clearing up.. It’s a very happy hunting ground for me, every little street corner yields something that is worthy of a snap, the trick is to try and make it look the everyday. I probably managed a 100 photos in 2 days   (which is a lot for me using film)  and if 3 of them are any good I’ll be more than happy,  I think my criteria for good is somewhat different to some of the ones I’ve seen on the internet.  I’ll put some of the results  on my somewhat neglected blog in the next week or so.

Strong and stable my arse.

General election 2017. .. and oh how the nation sniggered as we watched Theresa May humiliated by her own arrogance and then climb into bed with the British version of the Taliban to hang onto power. Just as Dunkirk and the Charge of the Light Brigade were defeats, Corbyn claims a heroic victory.. hats off to him though… if the rest of the Blairite Tory tribute act within his own ranks had got stuck in he may well have won it .. that would almost have been on a par with Leicester winning the Premiership. Other election highlights were Amber Rudd looking like she’d sat in something when her result was announced, Lord Bucket Head, and of course the salt in the wound of Labour winning Kensington by 20 votes. Politics used to be dull.. this is hilarious. if not somewhat disconcerting at the same time. Ho hum. X


Hand in hand

This is a photograph I took in a Prague backstreet in 1989 , the days when Eastern Europe was a world apart from it’s western half. It remains one of my firm favourites of the images I made at that time. My methods and practices have changed little in the intervening 30 years, black and white demands one to keep  it simple but keep enough in the frame to make it interesting, and above all if possible to keep an element of ambiguity and mystery. The comment  I most relish when I show people photographs is “where and when did you take this ? “. Whereas a lot of photographers try to beautify a mundane world I regard my mission as to make things uglier than they actually are.